🍳🌟👨‍🍳 Stir up your child’s passion for cooking at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Culinary School!

Designed for budding chefs aged 9 to 18, our camp offers a delectable journey into the world of culinary arts. From July 31st to August 18th, our school premises will turn into a vibrant kitchen where flavors come alive and creativity knows no bounds.

🔥 Activities include:

🍽Culinary Basics – Master essential cooking techniques and kitchen safety!

🍕 International Cuisine – Explore flavors from around the world!

🍨 Dessert Delights – Learn to create mouthwatering sweet treats!

🥗 Healthy Cooking – Discover nutritious and delicious recipes!

🍱 Plating and Presentation – Elevate your culinary creations with visual appeal!

👨‍🍳 Master Chef Challenges – Put your skills to the test in exciting cooking competitions!

From preparing appetizers to crafting gourmet meals, your child will embark on a culinary adventure, guided by experienced chefs and mentors. They’ll develop skills, creativity, and a love for the art of cooking!

And guess what? We offer special discounts for siblings and referrals. Because great food is best enjoyed together!

Register your child today for a summer of flavor, fun, and culinary delights. For more information and registration details, please get in touch with us. This summer, let your child’s culinary dreams come true at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Culinary School!