👗🌟💃 Step into the glamorous world of fashion this summer at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Fashion School!

Open to stylish young individuals aged 9 to 18, our camp is a perfect opportunity for your child to unleash their creativity, explore the latest trends, and embark on a fabulous fashion journey. From July 31st to August 18th, our school premises will become a runway of style, inspiration, and unforgettable experiences.

🔥 Activities include:

🌟Fashion Design – Learn the art of sketching and creating stunning outfits!

👗Garment Construction – Master the techniques of sewing and fabric manipulation!

💄Makeup & Styling – Discover the secrets behind stunning makeovers and fashion transformations!

🎬Fashion Photography – Learn how to capture the essence of fashion through the lens!

🎉Runway Showcase – Strut your stuff and showcase your unique designs on the grand finale runway!

With expert guidance and hands-on practice, your child will develop essential fashion skills, ignite their creativity, and gain a deeper understanding of the fashion industry.

To make it even more stylish, we offer special discounts for siblings and referrals. Share the fashion-forward experience with your loved ones and friends!

Register your child today for a summer of fashion, style, and self-expression. For more information and registration details, please get in touch with us. This summer, let your child’s fashion dreams come true at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Fashion School!