🎥🌟🎬 Imagine your child working alongside renowned actors and talented professionals, gaining invaluable insights and experiences. It’s a summer like no other! 🌟🌟

Open to talented individuals aged 9 to 18, our camp offers a unique opportunity for your child to dive into the captivating world of cinema. From July 31st to August 18th, our school premises will transform into a bustling film set, where dreams come to life!

🔥 Activities include:

🌟Acting Workshops – Learn from industry professionals and polish your acting skills!

🎬Scriptwriting – Craft captivating stories and bring them to the silver screen!

📷Cinematography – Master the art of capturing stunning visuals!

🎭Character Development – Bring depth and authenticity to your performances!

🔊Sound Design – Explore the power of sound in creating immersive experiences!

🎥Film Production

– Give your children the opportunity to be part of the shooting of a cinema film featuring top Nollywood stars and production crew, right here at our camp!

To make it even more special, we offer a sibling discount and a referral discount. Share the magic with your loved ones and friends!

Register your child today for a summer of lights, camera, and action! For more information and registration details, please get in touch with us. This summer, let your child’s movie dreams come true at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Movie School!