Welcome to the Main Techtainment Camp, the heart of the Lagos Techtainment Camp experience! Running from Monday, 29th July to Thursday, 22nd August, this immersive camp offers participants a unique blend of technology, creativity, and entertainment. With an array of talent areas and diverse activities, our camp is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain.

About the Main Techtainment Camp

The Main Techtainment Camp is an intensive and engaging program that brings together young talents from various backgrounds to explore and develop their skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. Participants can immerse themselves in one of five core talent areas, while also enjoying a range of academic, recreational, and social activities.

Talent Areas

Our camp focuses on five exciting talent areas, each offering specialized training and hands-on experience:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Dive into the world of AI with expert-led sessions on machine learning, neural networks, and more. Develop cutting-edge skills and explore the future of technology.
  • Graphic Design: Unleash your creativity with courses on digital design, illustration, and visual storytelling. Learn from industry professionals and create stunning visual art.
  • Music: Explore your musical talents with lessons in composition, performance, and production. Work with experienced musicians and discover the power of music.
  • Dance: Express yourself through movement with classes in various dance styles, choreography, and performance. Learn from skilled dancers and enhance your technique.
  • Visual Arts: Develop your artistic skills with workshops in painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Get inspired by experienced artists and create your masterpieces.

Program Highlights

The Main Techtainment Camp offers a rich and varied program to ensure every participant has a rewarding experience:

  • Expert-Led Workshops: Learn from industry leaders and professionals in hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.
  • Creative Projects: Collaborate on exciting projects that allow you to apply your skills and showcase your talents.
  • Academic Enrichment: Participate in STEM workshops, creative writing classes, and public speaking sessions to complement your main talent area.
  • Sports and Recreation: Stay active with team sports, individual fitness programs, and fun recreational activities.
  • Social and Cultural Events: Enjoy cultural nights, talent shows, and campfire storytelling to build friendships and celebrate diversity.
  • Fun and Games: Engage in game tournaments, arts and crafts sessions, and scavenger hunts for a well-rounded camp experience.

How to Join

To participate in the Main Techtainment Camp, simply register through our website. Whether you’re passionate about technology, the arts, or sports, our camp offers something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with learning, creativity, and fun.

Join Us!

Experience the magic of the Main Techtainment Camp from 29th July to 22nd August. This immersive program is designed to nurture your talents, inspire your creativity, and provide you with the skills to excel. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best, make new friends, and have the summer of a lifetime.

For more information and to register, visit Techtainment Camp.

4-week Summer Camp