🖥️🌟🎨 Unleash your child’s creativity and coding skills at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Programming and Animation School!

Designed for aspiring tech enthusiasts aged 9 to 18, our camp offers an immersive experience in the world of programming, animation, and mobile app development. From July 31st to August 18th, our school premises will be buzzing with innovation, imagination, and cutting-edge technology.

🔥 Activities include:

🌟Programming Fundamentals – Master the building blocks of coding!

🎨 2D and 3D Animation – Bring characters to life and create captivating worlds!

📲 Mobile App Development – Learn how to design and build functional apps!

🌐 Web Development – Create websites with interactive features!

💡 Creative Problem-Solving – Develop critical thinking and analytical skills!

🚀 Project Showcase – Present your child’s impressive programming and animation creations to friends and family!

With expert guidance and hands-on practice, your child will gain practical skills in programming, animation, and app development. They’ll discover the power of technology to bring their imagination to life!

Don’t miss out on our special discounts for siblings and referrals. Share the tech-tastic journey with your loved ones!

Register your child today for a summer of coding, creativity, and endless possibilities. For more information and registration details, please get in touch with us. This summer, let your child code their way to success at Peculiar Techtainment Camp’s Summer Programming and Animation School!